This is Dagmara and Carolina and we thought of making this Memory Jar and giving it to the boys when we meet them February 24th. Read more here.  fan(s)
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I don’t understand people. Not just in this fandom, but people in general. People act like they know someone just by looking at them from the outside. Remember the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Yeah, well it doesn’t really seem like it.

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To all that submitted to the 1D Memory Jar:

As you all know, the first official U.S. show was last night in Chicago.  Dagmara and I (Carolina) were attending.  We camped outside for three hours until the boys showed up.  Unfortunately, they were in a rush and were only able to wave to us.  After the show, we went out to their buses.  They were already on the bus, and Paul came out to get everyone to move back so they could get through.  I tried to hand him the book but he wouldn’t take it.  One of their other people came out and I asked him to take it as well, but he wouldn’t either.  So unfortunately, the boys didn’t get your messages last night.  We really went out of our way to try and get it to them.  We apologize we weren’t able to.

We have a plan B and C.  Plan B is getting it to them when they return to Chicago, which will hopefully be in March for the “Bring 1D to US” events.  Plan C is mailing it to them.  But right now, I’m thinking Plan B is a better option because that way we would be 100% they got it.  We don’t want all your messages to go to waste.  We hope everyone understands.  To the girls who were at the show last night and tried helping us get to them, thank you.  We will get the boys this book!

Submissions are closed! Although, we are still accepting pictures.


Have you ever met the boys? We would absolutely love it if you submitted your picture for this scrapbook. Please use the submit page and let us know what country you’re from. Please reblog to spread the work around. Thank you.

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